December 2003


Surfin' the Net With Jesus!
December, in the Year of our LORD, 2003

By Judy O'Christian

Note: Clicking on a link will open it in a new window, as long as you are right with Jesus. If you're not, you can just go to hell.

True Christan® Friends,

Good Lordy, it's already December! I know you're asking Jesus what He wants for His birthday. All His friends in Heaven are busy looking for the perfect gift, and Wal-Mart is stocking up on cheap bibles, frankensense and myrr for True Christian shoppers. Spare no expense!

Here's a short list of the things Jesus, George W. Bush and I want from True Christians® for Christmas:

We want folks to donate to the wonderful True Christian® Pastor Lou Sheldon because He is helping to convert the Jews and get rid of them evil homosexurals.

We both demand that everyone become a Republican, to help stop them militant homosexurals.

Jesus and I both command all True Christians® to pray that George W. Bush will punish the homosexurals.

We also demand that everyone vote for George W. Bush next year so he can finally outlaw the evil homosexurals.

We both demand that all must praise Him and He will then use his secret weapon to destroy all the perverted homosexurals.

Jesus wants to punish those who question Him, right along with all the vile homosexurals.

Jesus needs our help to punish the wicked libruls who don't like George W. Bush and stoke the fires in Hell for the disgusting homosexurals.

Jesus has prepared a special place for both Bush and Blair. And a really hot one for the homosexurals.

We both need massive prayers against so-called "science" that is trying to undermine us while helping the homosexurals.

Jesus says to fight the anti-war libruls and support His troops! And make them keep out the revolting witches and homosexurals.

That's it for this month, True Christian™ friends! Be careful out there--SIN is on the rise! And watch out for the librul media! The libruls are OBSESSSED with persecuting us True Christians™ just because we are so full of Christian Love! Such obsession is definitely unhealthy.

In Christian Love,


PS: Is Jesus talking to YOU? I believe He is!

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