December 2002


Surfin' the Net With Jesus!
December, in the Year of our LORD, 2002

By Judy O'Christian

Note: Clicking on a link will open it in a new window, as long as you are right with Jesus. If you don't get a new window, you are a heathenous librul sinner who should get on your knees right now.

True Christan® Friends,

How glorious! Soon we will all fall down and worship our Savior on His birthday, and help President Bush improve the economy by running up our credit cards buying gifts for True Christians. Glory! Anyone who does not go into massive debt this CHRISTmas season is a Saddam-loving traitor.

Speaking of traitors, did you hear about those damned, unsaved Canadians in our 51st state, saying that our God-ordained President was a "moron?" Damn them to Hell! Everyone knows Bush is NOT a moron! He is a True Christian who will soon have everyone in the whole world on their knees for JESUS. Bush has made history by having a midterm election that almost magically gave our government over to the Republicans. Praise God for that! Everyone all around the world loves BUSH! And the libruls are in the minority! True Christians turned out at the polls last month to make sure Bush got the legitimacy he was denied when Al Gore won the evil, librul, secular "popular vote" in 2000. God even helped Bush's brother Jeb beat out all the unsaved Jews to win in Florida! Surely this is the most ethical administration in history, especially now that Poindexter and Kissinger are out of the mothballs and back in action and protecting the American way of life! Now our Godly President is punishing the libruls almost as much as Jesus will. Praise! Truly we're going back to the honesty and integrity of our greatest President, Reagan!

Folks, happy days are here again! Bush is making sure we keep American traditions alive. Soon this nation will be living in the 1950s again, when things were good for everyone, and nice folks didn't even talk about negroes, Jews, homosexurals or America-hating libruls, because they were all out of sight. Happy days are indeed here again! Traditional values are back in style, and True Christians are leading the way with love, sweet love! Folks, there's NOTHING like Christian Love in action!

Folks, JESUS is everywhere, and He is making sure the libruls feel His wrath! He even sent angels to a strip club to chase away the libruls. And He is continually stopping Satan by destroying the evil Harry Potter! Truly, He is doing His work, all by Himself, all over the world. (But He still needs money, so send it in NOW!) Folks, if we're going to stop the terrorists, God needs your money now more than ever! HE is watching you!

In Christian Love,


PS: I'll see you and your children in CHURCH on Sunday!

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