December 2001


Surfin' the Net With Jesus!
December 2001

By Judy O'Christian

Praise GOD for our Godly Republican True Christian elected officials like Dick Armey, who stand firm against the constant liberal attacks! True Christian ladies and gentlemen are protected from the evil liberals by the love of Jesus. We can do anything!

While True Christians in the government wrestle with important legislation to bring this nation to its knees for Jesus, liberals continue to launch all-out assaults on Christianity! But True Christians are strong, and will resist their nonsense. Let's face it, liberals are just pitiful. Their hatred of freedom and liberty must be stopped. And who better to do it than True Christians? We know what's best for the nation and the whole world.

Oh, with all the politics and man-stuff, I forgot to ask--are you saved?  And, more importantly, are you ready to meet Jesus?

Now, back to matters related to THIS world: John Ashcroft has issued an alert--the enemy is THE ANTICHRIST. Well, you could have told him that, couldn't you've?

Anyways, Praise the LORD for George W. Bush! He is a Godly man, whom God appointed to lead this nation. And all those liberals who claim otherwise will suffer God's wrath! God don't like no homosexurals, and now that True Christians are back in command, we know that we can trust the government again. Glory!

And, President Bush will soon make sure Godly True Christian charities are given taxpayer dollars, like the founding fathers intended. You know they will spend it wisely! Truly it's a better world now that True Christians are back at the helm of God's country and the godless liberals have been swept out. Glory!

Well, that's about it for this time. I've got to wrap pickled watermelon rinds for distribution at the children's home. And, in the spirit of the season, I want you to have this free gift of True Christian music, recorded by the Looper Family Singers.

In Christian Love,


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