December 2000

Surfin' The Web With JESUS!

By Mrs. Judy O'Christian

Praise the LORD, it's almost time to celebrate His birthday again! GLORY!

Now that the godly George W. Bush is all set to move into the White House (and keep it white!), True Christians (Republicans) are very excited about the second coming of another Bush administration! Halleluiah! This nation will return to its True Christian roots: God, guns and GLORY! No longer will True Christians have to listen to whiny liberals and homosexurals -- soon they will be outlawed, along with abortion and feminazis! True Christians will rise up and put an end to that nonsense! That, my friends, is Compassionate Conservatism! Truly, George W. Bush will appoint Constructionists to the Supreme Court and get this country turned back over to Jesus!

The liberals will do anything to try to hurt God's own choice, George W. Bush! And God will punish them liberals, mark my words! Bush is a smart man, and He knows that sometimes God needs a little help here on Earth to ensure that God's will be done. Praise the LORD! Right now, Bush is assembling his cabinet and preparing to move into the White House. Finally, Christians assume their rightful place in government  and True Christians will have our Godly nation back!

Now, every True Christian knows that the evil liberals tried to steal the election in Florida! The liberals want to overturn the Constitution! The damn liberals deserve God's discipline!   They need to go to church!

Truly there's nothing as glorious as Christian Love!

Godly Links for Godly Folks!

Harry Potter is EVIL!

Consumer Reports


What Would Jesus Eat?

Pray for BUSH!

The Rapture Index!

Preachin' Shoes!

Inferior Pickles (other than mine) can be deadly!

Whew! Jesus surely furnished us with some amazing sites this month. I do hope our readers will spread the WORD to all those who need it!

Have a delightful Jesus' Birthday!


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