November 2002


Surfin' the Net With Jesus!
November, in the Year of our LORD, 2002

By Judy O'Christian

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True Christan® Friends,

Oh, it's election time again! I can't hardly wait to tune in FOX News Tuesday night when they tell us that every open seat in the land is now held by True Christian Republicans! Oh,, and of course the librul Demoncrats will come up with all sorts of false accusations of vote tampering and the negroes and libruls will whine that all the so-called "innocent" negroes in Florida who were on the "scrub list" in the 2000 election won't be able to vote in this election either. By the time their names are taken off the scrub lists, most of them will no doubt be in jail! They deserve to be locked up, just like that damn Clinton!

The libruls will never get over the fact that Bush was chosen by God to run this nation and bring the world to it's knees for Jesus. He is a man of God, a peaceful man, a man with love for all mankind. True Christians are in charge of this nation now! Libruls, get out! We will no longer tolerate your "tolerance" of things we don't like! Your evil Harry Potter, your vile witches, your demonic sexural perverts, your dirty homosexurals recruiting children, your sick, demented idea of freedom, your gun-grabbing, and your crazed, librul ideas that hurt American industry. We won't stop until every home in America has a gun in every room! We're sick of you libruls and your crazy ideas. You can't stop us from starting a war!

Most of all, this Godly True Christian administration will make sure all Americans BELIEVE in the power of JESUS! Through our Godly President Bush , John Ashcroft and Dick Cheney's work with the CIA, Manhattan Institute, Heritage Foundation, Focus on the Family and the Moonies, Bush is helping create exciting new ways to help society. And, as soon as Godly Republicans hold every office, thanks to God being their campaign managers, NOTHING WILL STOP US, because God is on OUR side! True Christians throughout the nation are busy showing the Love of Jesus to people who have only heard about Him for seven or eight times a day for their whole lives, yet still refuse to believe. How stupid can they get? We need to get Holy Warriors to patrol the streets!

And finally, it's nice to see that in this time of economic ruin, thanks to Bush's Faith-Based Funding initiative, taxpayer money is now going where it's most needed. Glory! And Bush is turning our government around and making sure Homeland Security is on guard! Take that, you damn libruls!

And don't never forget, I AM THE NRA!

In Christian Love,


PS: Is Jesus talking to YOU? I believe He is!

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