November 2000

Surfin' The Web With JESUS!
By Mrs. Judy O'Christian

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Dear Fellow True Christian® Friends;

My goodness, it's November already! George W. Bush, a True Christian if there ever was one, is getting his lovely family (and the NRA) all set to move into the White House. Glory! It's surely a victory for God's people, and God's people support BUSH!

November is also a time of great significance to True Christians for several reasons, not the least of which is a very special celebration! (I know I don't have to tell you which one that is!) I just praise the LORD for the opportunity to live in a Christian nation ... soon George W. Bush will outlaw the Anti-Christian Liberals Union (ACLU) and the world will be safe for True Christians once again. Glory!

Finally, we have the chance to ban all reading materials which are not approved by True Christians, and I say Praise the LORD for that! God wants us to know He loves us, and He will surely punish those that don't love Him, and that includes the liberals! Bush is all about FREEDOM! And the liberals and homosexurals are the enemies of freedom! The homos hate God!  Why don't they give up their silly, evil lifestyle choice? If they do that (and register as Republicans), they can become Christians!

And I'm thankful this month, you bet I am! Thankful that Dr. Laura is standing up for the TRUTH! Thankful that even the president thinks so! (sound file!)  I am thankful that Godly men have found a way to eliminate homosexurality forever!  And that True Christians are the only really smart people in the world!

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Well, goodness, I've just about wore myself out with all this typing. I have a kitchen full of half-pickled watermelon rinds I have to get back to, so for now I'll say goodnight, and remember, watch out for the evil Catholics, and  VOTE FOR BUSH! I'll see YOU in Church!

In His Service,
Judy O'Christian

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