October 2003


Surfin' the Net With Jesus!
October, in the year of our LORD, 2003

Note: If you haven't done anything to get Jesus mad at you, the links will open in a new window. If they don't, consider yourself in danger of burning in HELL!

By Judy O'Christian

Glory! Jesus is making the leaves change to all kinda colors, and the libruls still refuse to believe Jesus did it, relying instead on their false gods, "science" and "nature." Friends, this is yet another example of the libruls' crazy, evil lifestyle, and yet another reason why they should all be rounded up and SHOT. Soon, True Christians will begin Jesus's final solution, and take this Christian Nation back!

The librul media has been very busy lately, attacking True Christians like Rush Limbaugh and GW Bush. Excuse me, Mister Librul, but George W. Bush and Dick Cheney protected this nation from the 9-11 attacks! You crazy libruls just love to hate us True Christians! I can't wait to see you burning in Hell!

The libruls in California are once again showing how stupid they are. The Hollywood types don't yet realize that nobody cares what they think! Except for Charlton Heston and Arnold Squirtzanegro, of course. They are Real Americans, praise God! They go to church! The rest of the Hollywood elite are all homosexurals. You homos will soon feel the wrath of God, thanks to our Godly President, George W. Bush! We know all about what you stupid homos are up to!

All True Christians are commanded by Jesus to vote for our war hero, George W. Bush next year. That is a fact, and if you don't you will burn in Hell. Don't listen to the libruls, Hindoos, Jews and their nonsense! The only news source you can trust is Fox News, and of course Landover Baptist's Christian News Service. Remember, my friends, don't trust any other news source!

Friends, that's about all for this issue. Remember, you can't be a True Christian if you're not a conservative. And, remember that Republicans always have your best interests at heart! George W. Bush and all Republicans keep you and your family safe from the crazy libruls!

In Christian Love,


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