October 2002


October, in the Year of our LORD, 2002

By Judy O'Christian

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True Christan® Friends,

Praise the LORD once again this month for our Godly President! Thank goodness we have a man with integrity in the White House again. As all True Christians know, Bush gets his orders directly from Jesus, and Jesus wants Bush to NUKE IRAQ in order to start Dubya-Dubya Three and finally bring about the Armageddon, when all us True Christians will float up into heaven, abandoning our cars, airplanes, nuclear safety stations, careening busses and frying pans full of bacon cooking on the stove to cause fires, crashes and other disasters for the unsaved libruls, homosexurals, Boodists, Wiccans, Catholics and other perverts that will be Left Behind. GLORY! They wouldn't accept Jesus' unconditional love when they had the chance, so now they'll face the consequences of their stupidity for not believing that there really is an invisible man in the sky named Jesus!

Iraq presents an urgent, clear and present danger since they might have plans to get weapons of mass destruction (like those Russia, China, Iran, India, Pakistan, North Korea, South Korea, Israel, France, Italy, England and just about every other country already possess). The second biggest reason we need to nuke Iraq right now, instead of waiting for other so-called "countries" to join us, other than the command direct from Jesus, is that SADDAM TRIED TO KILL BUSH'S DADDY after Bush's daddy decided to let him go back during the first Gulf War. That don't sit well with me or other True Christians!  Clinton sat and did nothing as Republicans warned him to do something about terrorists! And even though Bush told us how the evil Clinton cut funding and made our armed forces too weak to fight a war, now that Bush is in charge, the forces are now just fine--and Bush didn't even have to raise the budget--he's a genius! That, folks, is the power of prayer.

Praise God for Bush and his family! Each one is a a True American Patriot.

Now, isn't it nice to know that when our boys are off sending Hussein to HELL, that Godly Attorney General John Ashcroft is protecting us here in the USA? We can count on Fox News to keep us informed of his latest changes to the color-coding system that shows us whether we should relax or panic and start shooting them little brown folks that shouldn't have been allowed into our neighborhoods anyway. It's wonderful to finally have conservatives in charge. They'll always watch out for us regular folk!

The damn libruls are going out of their way to use their librul media to bully poor Republicans, who only want to do what's best for the nation. It's not about oil, it's about a crazy unChristian man who might be thinking about getting weapons that could be used to hurt somebody else! That's why we must decide to attack before the elections, otherwise the damn libruls might win and take back the House. Folks, we can't let that happen! Remember 9/11! The demoncrats only want to talk about unemployment, corporate scandals, the $1 Billion plus lost in the stock market, Halliburton, Enron, Harkin, lost life savings, lost retirement accounts--folks, those things don't matter as long as Saddam might be thinking about getting weapons and crazy Mooslims are running around all over the place! Now is the time to be a REAL American and stop questioning our God-appointed leaders during a time of war, you unpatriotic bastards! Just rest assured that True Christians and Republicans are in charge and they will do what is in your best interests.

Well, I've gotta get to a True Christian imprecatory prayer group, so I better git. See ya'll next month!

In Christian Love,


PS: Please pray for Noelle Bush, that libruls like these will stop attacking her! Let the libruls know what awaits them--don't be chicken!

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