October 2001


Surfin' the Net With Jesus!
October 2001

By Judy O'Christian

Well, times are certainly different now, aren't they. Conservative Religious Fundamentalists are DANGEROUS (but only when they are foreign and of the wrong religion) aren't they? Goodness! I just Praise the LORD for George W. Bush, who would never do anything to aid governments that sponsor terrorists!

Bush is doing an amazing job at stopping the enemies of America and keeping this nation safe for all True Christians! GLORY! True Christians will keep this nation together, just like we always have. And George W. Bush will ensure peace throughout the land, as long as he gives True Christians positions of power. Fundamentalist Christians are not like fundamentalists of some false so-called "God" in the middle East! We will mete out justice!

True Christians are known for building governments based on fairness and respect for others, and tolerance. Thank goodness Godly Republicans are in charge now--could you imagine the mess we'd be in if the liberals had won the White House? The enemies of freedom would be taking over right this minute! Thank goodness the True Christians are in charge! Praise God, the Adults are in charge once again, and True Christians are speaking out.

Crazy rumors are sweeping the nation, but it's important to realize that John Ashcroft is watching out for us, with his Crisco® Oil at the ready for an emergency annointing. True Christians know the score! Everybody knows who the real enemy is, and Ashcroft will find a way to destroy them! Just let the homosexurals try to stop him! The homosexurals need to just shut up and let Real Americans get on with running the nation! This war will make sure American boys turn out right! Wholesome American values will return once again, praise God! Even the evil liberals in Hollywood are now making movies featuring Jesus. They are finally learning that Jesus Saves!

The evil homosexurals are exploiting the tragedy as they keep calling for "special rights"--what nerve! The homos need to get with reality and stop their nonsense! George W. Bush is rising above taking advantage of the situation!

The liberals need to learn that Osama is almost as evil as the liberals themselves are. They need to learn that the Bible is the unchanging Word of God, and that George W. Bush is looking out for All Americans.

That's it for this month. I'm too busy looking for Anti-American Activities to write any more.

In Christian Love,


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