October 2000

Surfin' The Net With Jesus! October 2000

By Mrs. Judy O'Christian

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Hello dears!

Well, it's Fall again, the season for Jesus making leaves change color, Godly county fairs and the pickled watermelon rind contest (guess who's won every year since 1945?). Unfortunately, Fall is also a time for demonic activity-- first comes Helloween, followed a few days later by the godless demoncrats trying yet again to take over and destroy our country's Christian government. You're not a True Christian if you don't vote BUSH! Remember, George W. Bush will put an end to the evil homosexural agenda! Fall is also when you're likely to find an October Surprise!

Bush will bring this country back to Jesus! He knows Christian marriage is sacred and he'll protect marriage from the evil influence of the homos! AllReal Americans support BUSH! Not that evil Clinton!

Bush will stand up for the TRUTH! One lie the evil liberals keep telling is about "global warming." Bush knows that so-called "global warming" is a liberal lie! Any person who knows God can tell you that! Bush will bring us a bright future!Surely Bush will help the children!

And praise the LORD for all the True Christians fighting against the liberal media and those True Christians who stand up to support Dr. Laura!

And can you believe the NERVE of that "POPE" who claimed that everyone but the Cathylicks won't get in heaven? Well, we True Christians know better! And we'll look down on that silly "pope" from heaven while he burns and begs for mercy! Jesus will fix his little red wagon and send him to HELL for his poor impersonation of a man of God!

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Be sure to attend our annual Christian Bookburning!

Join us in our Godly Christian duty to boycott all dictionaries until they stop persecuting Christians!

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Remember, your assignment from Jesus this month is to: Vote BUSH, to avoid evil demoncrats and to watch out for the devil!

Jesus loves you, but I ain't made up my mind yet.

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