September 2002


Surfin' the Net With Jesus!
September, in the Year of our LORD, 2002

By Judy O'Christian

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True Christan® Friends,

Are you as proud to be a True Christian American as I am? Of course you are! (And if you're a crazed, stupid, evil librul, get OUT!)

We are the best nation in the whole world, and we're big enough and strong enough that we don't need Germany, Japan, Italy, France, Australia, Spain, Canada (we own them anyway), or ANY of them crazed librul-filled, so-called "nations" to help us help Jesus punish Iraq! We're gonna blow them all the way to Hell,  and if the rest of the "world" don't like it, well, tell it to Jesus when you stand before Him and He asks you why you didn't help the US do His bidding. He and I will both have a good laugh as he sends you and your entire "country" straight to HELL, because Jesus hates you! Praise the LORD! At least the British have sense enough to support us in fighting Jesus's war.

Our Godly President is sticking to his guns on this issue, and any of you little chickens who don't want us to fight for Jesus can just go to Hell, too. Praise God for him and his True Christian cabinet. Even the Cathylicks know that Mary wants war, too! Us True American Patriots can't wait to watch the sand negroes get all blowed up on the tee vee. Bush is busy making sure that will happen. Every Bush voter is behind him, and he's making us proud.

The mid-term elections are just a couple of months away, and you can be sure that Godly Republicans will win--with Jesus's help, of course. And, speaking of Florida, Gov. Jeb Bush will surely win again--he's doing so much to help the children that he just can't lose! Those "New-Age" liberals won't succeed in pushing their vile communist agenda down all our throats. True Christian Republicans will win all over the nation--because God is on our side, just like He was in WWII! Godly True Christian Republicans promised they'd run America like a corporation, and they've done it. Now that the evil Klintoon is out of office, nothing can stop us. What a horrible time we lived in during the late 90s. Liberals are just plain useless, and it's our job to make sure they know it.

The vile homosexurals are persecuting True Christians again! Thankfully, True Christians are standing up and opposing them and all other sinners. We will not allow their evil "diversity" any more! We will continue to invest in our True Christian Nation and anyone who doesn't want to live under King Jesus's rule will get on their knees for Jesus or face the consequences--eternal fire! We will not let up on the evil pro-choice people either. There is no such thing as a "population problem." True Christians control this nation now, and screw the damn liberals!

Crazed liberals are once again trying to stop the War on Drugs, claiming that those with a so-called "terminal disease" should smoke marijuana. But that evil weed has been outlawed for many, many years, and for good reason. True Christian Harry J.Anslinger testified the following irrefutable facts before Congress in 1937:

"Marijuana is the most violence causing drug in the history of mankind. Most marijuana smokers are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos and entertainers. Their satanic music, jazz and swing, result from marijuana usage. This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes."
Obviously, the children would be damaged by letting anyone, especially a so-called "cancer patient," smoke this devil's weed. It was banned with good reason, and should stay banned for the same good reason. Period!

Well, that's about it for this issue--I've got to get my hair done so I'll look pretty for church. Till next month, please Pray for John Ashcroft--the liberals haven't let up their silly attacks on that Godly man!

In Christian Love,


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