September 2001

Surfin' the Net With Jesus!
September 2001

By Judy O'Christian

Praise the LORD! Our Godly President, George W. Bush, is taking this great nation back to the good old days, when everybody was a True Christian, and them that wasn't knew their place and stayed there. Glory to God! And who would he pick to help Jesus take back this nation? Why, the most Godly, conservative, nonpartisan Republican folks on this Earth-- US!

Mr. Bush knew he had a hard task ahead of him, but when he sat down with the Godly John Ashcroft to map out a program for the nation, Jesus spoke to him, telling him to beware of demoncrats and their nonsense and return this nation to the True Christian values that made America God's favorite country.

I shouted out "Praise the LORD" when Mr. Bush put his foot down on the liberals and made sure that the law reflects the fact that stem cells shouldn't be wasted on some silly so-called "science."

Surely, the first eight months of Bush's presidency are full of wondrous accomplishments for Jesus! Why, I'd say that man deserves a nice, long vacation, wouldn't you? He's been busy watching out for the nation and making it safe for Real Americans again, and don't you know the liberals are mad as hornets. Well, too bad for them, cause our time has come and True Christians are in charge! The Clinton nightmare is finally OVER, and the new administration is all about Truth. Remember, the constitution protects the church from government, but not the other way around!

Well, I'm about wore out from all this surfin' Jesus is having me do, but I want everyone to know that we True Christians are making a difference in the world, and Jesus is very, very happy about it! Please keep our dear True Christian friends at the Christian Coalition in mind, as they fight off Satan's latest attempt to destroy them. True Christians never give up, no matter how much hate the liberals throw at us!

In Christian Love,


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