August 2001

Surfin' the Net With Jesus!
August 2001

By Judy O'Christian

Praise the LORD! Jesus has found us some wondrous links this month, praise His Holy Name! Jesus will make the links you click on open up in a new window.  No damn liberal could do THAT! (Praise Him! NOW! Do it now or risk burning in Hell!!!!!!!)

Lordy, but it's HOT this summer, ain't it? But not near as hot as HELL! Thankfully, our dear LORD has devised many ways to punish sinners here on Earth. One of my favorite Godly punishments is Locusts, which God is using to punish the evil pagan Chinese, Russians and Mormons. Praise God!

True Christians® are winning the war on the vile homosexurals , and I say, GLORY! Them homos make Jesus mad enough to send down thunder and lightning when they ignore His call to wake up and decide to be a normal person like the rest of us, and the liberal so-called "medical" and "psychological" establishments are doing whatever the evil Hillary Clinton tells them to do. Us True Christians know right from wrong, and that is why no True Christian is a homo! Us True Christians know how to control ourselves. Us Christians know all about the right kind of love, while the liberals keep doing the wrong things.

I just about get all teary-eyed when I think of all the good things we Christians are doing to fight the evil liberals as well as the vile foreigners who attack our Godly President. Our government is in the hands of Godly men for a change, and we must fight off the liberals' attempts to destroy our Godly nation, even as the liberal media tries to spread liberalism, communism, socialism, homosexuralism, Catholicism, new-age-ism, democratism and unGodlyism!! It's time we Christians take this nation back for God. God has placed special servants in the government to do just that!

Speaking of Godly elected servants, can we all say a "Praise God for President Bush?" Truly, Jesus loves him, and us! But not the damned liberals! Jesus hates them, and we should, too. And the liberals in California deserve to sit in the dark, since none of them supported God's choice for President. Don't mess with those public servant's God wants elected to office! George W. Bush is an honest and Godly man!

Now, since this is a True Christian site, I would be remiss if I didn't mention God's personal enemies, the homosexurals.  God hates them so! And fortunately, God hates them just as much as True Christians do! This nation has no room for those who don't follow the rules! And, like the evil homos, evil so-called "doctors" want to kill babies just so they can stop the diseases God sent to punish sinners. That is just plain WRONG!  It's time this nation was turned around to embrace Godly moral values again!

True Christians are standing up for what's right, as we should be. The liberals can no longer silence us! We are standing up for traditional values and the nation is better for it. We know that we are loved by God--what else matters? George W. Bush is looking out for us and making sure this nation is going down the right course. We Baptists can all agree on that! And those with false "religions" will just have to get out of the way. We Christians are loyal, we're full of moral fiber, and we only speak the truth, never rumors. That is what makes us Real Americans.

Of course, no Christian site could be complete without praise and well-wishes for Dick Cheney! He knows how to raise a True Christian family. (We'll ignore that his daughter is a dyke, for now anyways. She just needs to meet the right man.) Thank God for True Christian Republicans, and to Hell with the evil foreigners.

Well, that does it for this month. Keep thinking Christian thoughts and dont' forget to behave like a True Christian!

In Christian Love,


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