July 2003


Surfin' the Net With Jesus!
July, in the year of our LORD, 2003

Note: If you haven't done anything to get Jesus mad at you, the links will open in a new window. If they don't, consider yourself in danger of burning in HELL!

By Judy O'Christian

Oh, lordy, it's HOT these Summer days, which gives us True Christians a perfect way to illustrate to the libruls and other people Jesus hates the fact that they will BURN in HELL for all eternity like a hot dog left on the grill! Praise our Loving God for helping us to show the heathen just how much He, and, entirely coincidentally, we, hate them. Glory! God is so good to his sheep.

Can you believe how much better our Christian Nation is today than it was when that damn Clinton was in charge? God is telling George W. Bush what to do all the time, and I know that all my True Christian friends agree with me (to do otherwise would be treason and grounds for eternal damnation). Praise God that True Christians, who represent Love and Fairness, are in charge. We've won the war with Iraq, those evil libruls who threatened us with weapons of mass destruction!

But if you listened to the so-called "journalists" who write for the media--which, as we all know, is entirely librul--you'd hear a whole different story. They ignore anything bad about any librul, homosexural, Cathylick, demoncrat or Feminazi and focus on stories that make True Christians (Republicans) look bad! Who cares why Ken Lay (a fine True Christian) isn't in jail, you stupid libruls? Don't you know there's a WAR on? What about Clinton's going out for McDonald's and actually looking at women there, probably raping them with his eyes and surely thinking dirty thoughts?? What about Hillary directing her staff to switch toilet paper--obviously wanting to support a Satan-supporting librul company instead of a True Christian one? These are the kinds of important news issues the librul media is covering up! It's time to fight back. Everyone, right now, drop what you're doing and tune in to Fox News! Get involved with thousands of other True Christians to make sure the libruls, the homosexurals, the feminazis and blasphemers don't try to steal the elections again! Jesus is coming soon--and you better not let Him catch you hanging out with libruls and demoncrats!

This nation, and the whole world, needs to realize that True Christians are all about love, and, as we are True Christians, we, including Republicans, have everyone's best interests in mind. His Godly tax breaks will make sure our economy gets back to the level it was at before He ruined it. Bush and Blair are doing God's work.

Folks, that does it for this time. Remember, keep showing your Christian Love™ everywhere, because they will know we are Christians by our LOVE!

In Christian Love,


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