June 2002


Surfin' the Net With Jesus!
June, in the Year of our LORD, 2002

By Judy O'Christian

True Christan® Friends,

Don't listen to the liberals! Everybody knows ('cause Rush told us, and he's a True Christian, and Christians never lie!) that liberals are all liars and our LORD will send them straight to HELL to demonstrate His unconditional love.

Thank the LORD that our True Christian® President is watching out for us and Jesus! Bush and Dick Cheney are keeping us safe! We are so happy that Jesus chose Bush to lead this nation, especially after the eight-year Clinton nightmare of peace and prosperity. Now that we're at war, it's a blessing to have Bush as our leader and the Godly Ashcroft keeping us safe. If the liberals were still in charge, the Taliban would have overrun our Godly nation and destroyed the True Christian values that built this country! Thankfully the Bush administration is protecting Freedom. We are indeed blessed by having a True Christian Republican administration!

Our True Christian soldiers are still hard at work keeping the world safe. Praise God for them!

Bush and his prayer partner Pooty-Poot have been busy keeping the world safe from commonists. Bush said he looked into Putin's eyes and saw his soul! Putin saw Bush's soul too! Praise GOD! Bush and Putin are communicating on the same level.

In entertainment news, the new Star Wars movie is out--and it was ruined by Hillary Clinton! That woman has no sense of decency!

Just in case there is an unsaved person reading this column, if the fear of burning in Hell doesn't scare you, think of the many benefits of becoming a True Christian! Turn or burn!

In Christian Love,


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