June 2001

Surfin' the Net With Jesus!
June 2001

By Judy O'Christian

Praise the Lord! Jesus didn't disappoint us this month (you will go to Hell for doubting that He ever would!). Why, this month there's more Godly links than I've got pickled watermelon rinds!

First, let's all say a prayer, shall we? A prayer to have God watch out for our Godly President, George W. Bush! Let's also remember to say a prayer that God will bless those Godly folks who helped make sure Bush got into the White House, as well as our Godly True Christian Senators and Godly educators who teach folks how to be True Christians. And let's not forget those who protect us from the Communists and satanic evolutionists!

We know that the END TIMES are upon us when feminazis, demoncrats and homosexurals are running around loose everywhere. True Christians are ordained by God to lead this nation, and instead we are being persecuted! This nation will fail without Jesus leading the way!

Have you read your Bible today? You can bet your fanny George W. Bush and Dick Cheney have read theirs! Praise God that they were placed in office by Him; otherwise, things could get scary. Things are always good when True Christians are in charge! If I could, I'd give Bush a good hug.

Our children are being led down the path to sexural sin. Praise God that True Christians have devised ways to keep the children on the right path. The PC crowd has tried to destroy this Godly nation with their satanic agenda, but God is leading us right back to the good old days, when everybody was a Christian and if there was anybody that wasn't, nobody heard about it cause they knew better than to open their yap about it.

Speaking of sexural matters, God punishes sexural sin--and don't let no liberal tell you otherwise. Sexural sin is everywhere! But True Christian outreach can fix all society's problems! And the homosexurals and their evil lifestyle will be stopped, and the liberal schools will be shut down.

It's time for this nation to go back to its Christian origin and stop letting the liberals push their evil secular goals on us. Jesus can fix anything! And with a man like Bush in the top office, and Dick Cheney there too, the best interests of the people will be served all the way till the newspaper headlines read, "Praise God, Jesus is back!"

Till next month, remember to watch out for demons and unsaved heathens!

In Christian Love,


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