May 2001

Surfin' the Net With Jesus!
May 2001

By Judy O'Christian

Praise the Lord! Jesus has shown me some gooooooood links this month!

First, though, I, along with all True Christians™, continue to be as proud as a peahen of President Bush! Such a Godly man! Bush will protect America from false so-called "religions," and make our country safe again. He will bring this nation back to its Christian roots. With the help of True Christians nationwide, we will drive the Satanic homosexurals OUT of the schools once and for all. We are the only ones smart enough to do that! The homosexurals can't hide from us, no matter how they try. Jesus can spot them!

Everybody knows that we Christians are the only ones qualified to protect the children of this nation. And, praise God, George W. Bush knows that too.  Bush is taking this nation in the right direction. He is such a Godly man, I wouldn't be surprised if he could walk on water. He's certainly smart enough to figure it out! America will finally get what we deserve!

You know, sometimes I get all teary-eyed, thinking of how Jesus has led me to help you on your walk with God.  It's an awesome responsibility, let me tell you! I just praise Him for being there (God is truly everywhere), offering us His unconditional love and guidance. Truly, you must only search until you're ready to make the choice to follow Him.

Well, that does it for me for this month. As a 78-year old woman, I'm just not as sprightly as I once was. And anyway, I've got a whole mess of pickled watermelon rinds that spoiled on me. What a wonderful opportunity to help spread God's love by handing them out to grateful little migrant children. And then when them kids go home, they can enjoy some good pickles while they can read their Bibles in Latin. Praise God!

Till next time, beware of the liberals, and I'll see you in church!

In Him,


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