April 2003


Surfin' the Net With Jesus!
April, in the year of our LORD, 2003

By Judy O'Christian

Praise the LORD! He has directed His Representative on Earth, George W. Bush, to destroy the evil Mooslims in Iraq, and soon our Christian Soldiers will be marching into Syria, Iran and Saudi Arabia, to bring God His Glory!!!! And sure enough, Iraq will soon be completely destroyed. Praise God! Soon we will bring democracy and freedom to them heathens that still resist our Godly mission to destroy them in order to save them. Why do they resist us so? Because they are full of SIN, unlike us True Christian Americans. Soon, them Iraqis will have the freedoms Americans have, with free speech and Godliness in abundance-- but we'll make sure they don't have any of them evil libruls to muck up the works. They'll learn to live in FREEDOM, the American Way!

True Christian Friends, don't listen to the evil libruls, who are all communists, satan worshippers, and homosexurals. It's time for the whole world to get right with God! Our mission is Godly and we are smart, informed, and unstoppable! Folks, let's just say it here and now--True Christian Americans are better than anybody! Can I get an Amen? We won't let the Antichrist take over! We are right, and the whole world knows that America sets the standard they only wish they could live up to! Them stupid Frenchies can't match our might, no matter how hard they try, and now that their "french fries" have been outlawed, their satanic hold of power over us is broken! I just wish we'd seen this threat earlier. True Christians will continue to run this nation, and the libruls won't stop us from our Godly mission. Bush is running the most Godly administration in history, praise the LORD. And them slutty Pixie Stix, or Chixy Dix, or whatever, can just go and burn in HELL.

Why, oh, why don't the damn libruls just shut up and stop trying to destroy our nation? They make me SICK. The libruls, Mooslims and other communists hate us because of our Freedom! Why don't they just shut up and support our President? Don't they watch the news? America is the beacon of Freedom in the whole world! Shut up, libruls! Soon we'll shoot you in the streets! Shut up! You sinful idiots are messing up our freedoms to say anything we want, as long as we support our Godly President!

JESUS wants war, and you unpatriotic bastards will burn in Hell for opposing His wishes! Kill a Mooslim for JESUS!

In Christian Love,


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