April 2002


Surfin' the Net With Jesus!
April, in the Year of our LORD, 2002

By Judy O'Christian

Well, I hope all my True Christian® readers had a wonderful Easter, spent celebrating the death of our LORD by watching the Godly Fox News instead of that other vile, smut-infested Fox channel with all its pornography and Christian bashing. Their horrible, sex-and-homosexual programs entice children to masturbate, a vile, sick, unnatural, demented act if there ever was one!

Praise God over and over for his decision to appoint George W. Bush as our True Christian President! The liberals won't shut up their lies claiming that AlGore got more votes, but, to paraphrase our Godly President, Who Cares What THEY think?!? Bush won legally!

Glory! Bush is bringing this nation back to the good old days, when those who weren't True Christians had sense enough to shut up about it. True Christians are in charge now! Get over it, liberal swine! Us Real Americans are patriots! And the enemies of Jesus will soon be locked up so they can't blaspheme anymore!

Soon True Christians will prove how stupid the liberals are, with their absurd "theories" about EVILution  and their silly so-called "care" for others. Liberals refuse to realize that Religious Conservatives know what's best for everybody, and they should just SHUT UP and let True Christians go about our business!

Don't even get me started on the vile Mormons! When will everyone realize that Jesus is everywhere (except in a silly Mormon "church," that is). And I'm sick of hearing about the homosexural Cathylicks molesting boys! Jesus is crying over that. And Southern Baptists are going to eliminate sex in hotels. Praise God!

Let's thank God again for appointing our Attorney General John Ashcroft! A faithful reader named Jerry prayed that Jesus would have me link to Mr. Ashcroft's Godly singing of a True Christian song Mr. Ashcroft wrote all by himself (with Jesus at his side)! Of course Jesus delivered the message! SEE THIS GODLY VIDEO! Trust me, God will punish you if you don't!

This month, make sure your children learn the Christian way to live and watch out for the liberals!

In Christian Love,


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