March 2001

Surfin' the Net With Jesus!
April 2001

By Judy O'Christian

Praise the Lord! Things are happening, folks! True Christians are taking action! Godly men and women are fighting the evil liberal agenda on all fronts. God has given us a fine leader in George W. Bush, and we are a grateful Christian Nation! Truly, before long, we won't have to be "tolerant" of false religions, because the PC crowd is going the way of the dinosaur. Praise God!

Soon, President Bush will bless True Christians with his "Charitable Choice" money (tax-free!) and we will then go out unto all the world and tell everyone about Jesus. We will restore the Godly values the liberals have ruined over the past eight years. We will take this nation back for Jesus, and the Mormons can't stop us! Not even the evil Harry Potter can stop us! And the evil Bill Clinton is out of the picture!

God (and the Supreme Court) appointed George W. Bush for a reason: his character! Bush knows his Bible and no matter what the liberal media says, he got the only vote that counts--God's! Bush is so smart it's almost amazing to learn that he wasn't home-schooled. Bush is taking this nation back to a time when everyone supported family values. As True Christians, we applaud him.

Sodomites continue to persecute us, as do evil Mary-worshippers. But we are True Christians, and we shall sit at the right hand of Jesus one day soon. The heathens don't like that one bit-- Praise God!

Well, that's it for this month. Remember to send me any Godly links Jesus and I may have missed. Oh, and Happy Easter!

In Christian Love,


PS: Do you love Jesus? Make sure! Get a Heart On for Jesus!

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