March 2003


Surfin' the Net With Jesus!
March, in the year of our LORD, 2003

By Judy O'Christian

Hello, True Christian™ Friends!

We are living in a wondrous time, are we not? Praise the LORD that a majority of Americans saw fit to elect our Godly President, George W. Bush! And as for them Godless, anti-American librul protesters, well, please join me in imprecatory prayer so God will destroy them. And the libruls will be powerless against His blood, because there is power in the blood, mighty power in the blood, and Bush has an IV transfusion to Jesus! Bush is almost as Godly as our last greatest Republican hero President, Reagan.

We True Christians™ know that when we organize, we can work together to help God do His will. Glory! It's time for all of us to stand up and stomp the libruls because they refuse to accept Jesus. The libruls are a threat to humanity! They are responsible for everything that's wrong in this nation and the whole world. They must be stopped! They want to force every woman to get an abortion, and deny us our right to tell them they are going to burn in Hell if they don't vote Republican! Jesus sees what they're doing, and He says "NO!" True Christian™ Republicans won't let the libruls get away with killing little babies! True Christians™ know that abortion is wrong in all cases because whenever God decides someone should get pregnant, that's final!

Meanwhile, President Bush is protecting us from hordes of murderous Iraqis. Praise God for that man! Bush and Godly Republicans are keeping this nation safe from the evil Saddam (pronounced "Sodom"), while the demoncrats keep planning their acts of evil to destroy our Godly country. Back, thou vile libruls and hippies! Ye are evil, and God hates you almost as much as we True Christians™ do! Neither you no those evil Iraq demons will stop our Godly and Just War! Thank God for Patriotic Americans! We won't sit still while you libruls persecute True Christians™, and you homosexurals will be stopped, too! God is mad at libruls, feminazis, Demoncrats, leftists, Cathylicks, Iraqis, and EVERYBODY who's not a True Christian™! When will the libruls wake up?!?! God wants war! Just shut up about it! And who cares what other countries think? Not us True Christians™!

Our Godly nation will continue to survive, and thanks to John Ashcroft, we will continue to stomp out anti-Christians wherever they happen to be. We will administer Godly justice and make sure they get on their knees one way or the other! No slanty-eyed nation of midgets or sand negroes or any other aliens will deter our True Christian™ Nation from fulfilling the prophesies of the Holy KJV-1611 Bible. The signs of the end times are very clear! Thankfully we have a True ChristianJesus come back and destroy the world. Glory!

Rest assured, America! Our nation is protected by both Jesus and the Republican Party. And if you don't like that, SHUT YOUR SINFUL MOUTH OR FACE ARREST! We don't need libruls and their anti-Christian hate or their whining in our Godly society!

Whoo! These anti-American libruls get me so shook up, I forgot all about my Pickled Watermelon Rinds.

In Christian Love,


PS: Thanks to John Ashcroft, Hellbound Libruls are now required to identify themselves, so that we True Christians™ can yell and scream at them about how much God loves them and wants them to vote Republican. Praise God!

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