March 2002


Surfin' the Net With Jesus!
March 2002

By Judy O'Christian

Praise God for our Godly leaders in Washington! They are making sure all True Christian Americans are treated equally, just as Jesus wants! Our President is keeping family values  on the front burner. And the demoncrats are MAD about it! The demoncrats are all cheating on their wives while the Godly Republicans are honoring Jesus and the family. Praise God!

Meanwhile, we are fighting the axis of evil throughout the world to keep it safe for Christian Republicanism. Don't listen to the liberals! We are right, because God says so! All True Christians know that to be a FACT! The liberals deny the most basic truths because they listen to liberal so-called "scientists" with their atheistic nonsense! Bush has accomplished a great deal in little over a year. If he keeps it up, True Christians will soon have the entire world on its knees for Jesus!

JESUS is the only way to be Healthy! And the vile liberals are upset that Family Values are winning! You just can't beat Christian Love! True Christian Republicans are bringing this nation where it ought to be--on its knees for Jesus!

Well, it looks like my latest batch of pickled watermelon rinds is just about cooled off and ready to send to all the True Christian pickle lickers who can't stop lickin' my pickles. See you next month.

In Christian Love,


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