March 2001

Surfin' the Net With Jesus!
March 2001

By Judy O'Christian

Praise the Lord! Resident Bush continues to thrill True Christians with his Godly actions, which, of course, gives the evil liberals fits. God-haters (non-Baptists) hate the fact that soon billions of dollars in tax money will flow back where it belongs--to Jesus! True Christians are so happy, we are singing songs of praise!

True Christians know that we are to reject all that is of this world, for our kingdom awaits us in heaven. We know that True Christians (like Mr. Bush and all Republicans, for that matter) would never tell lies or try to blame someone else for their own wrongdoing. How do we know this, the unbeliever may ask? We know this because we are Christians, and that makes us better than everyone else! Praise God for this Christian Nation! All who are not True Christians, please get OUT. This means YOU!

Resident Bush will put an end to the godless liberals (that is, anyone who is not a True Christian)--he knows that if he doesn't act quickly, the unsaved will take over. The founding fathers knew what they were doing when they established this nation--no matter what the liberals say--and Bush is going to fix everything the liberals messed up since that Godly Reagan was in the White House. Bush is going to make the world safe for True Christians once again! The liberals are incapable of telling the truth. Praise God for His Republican Party--they are helping spread Christian love all over the world.

Bush has a plan that will work for the good of all people who deserve to live in America (True Christians). Bush will bring us back to the good old days!  The Holy Bible will once again be the supreme authority and the evil homosexurals will just have to stop living their evil lifestyle choice. and everyone will know that the Bible is literally true. Praise God!

People all around the world are coming to know Jesus, thanks to outreach efforts by Godly folks. And they are learning not to be decieved by false prophets! There are Godly Christian movies--blockbusters!--coming out of Hollywood, thanks to tax-free contributions by True Christians... and don't you know that makes Satan and all his liberal friends mad! As for me, it makes me want to keep on singing Godly songs of praise!

Well, that's about all the links our Sweet Jesus had for me this month. Till next time, continue preparing for the rapture, and don't forget to call out sin wherever you see it!

Always in His Service,


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