February 2003


Surfin' the Net With Jesus!
February, in the year of our LORD, 2003

By Judy O'Christian

Welcome, True Christian Friends! If you happen to catch an unsaved librul reading this over your shoulder, Jesus says it's OK to whack them with your KJV-1611 Bible.

Isn't it wonderful to live in America these days, now that our Godly True Christian President and a Godly Republican majority is in office? Things are so much better--I often hear even those so-called "homeless" people shout out His name in praise! Glory! True Christians finally got organized and affected election results in a big way. America is thanking us True Christians for being smart enough to make sure Bush got his chance to fix America, and he will do to the whole nation what he did to Texas. Truly, the whole world loves George W. Bush and his lovely wife, Laura! They are protecting our Godly nation's heritage, and, Praise the LORD, they are ready for any emergency.

With help from the librul media, the evil librul Clinton left this nation in such a mess, didn't he? He even made Godly Republican corporations cheat on their books! Now, thanks to Godly Conservatives, there's nothing to worry about because God is in charge. With a True Christian Republican majority in charge, we'll make the libruls stop bullying True Christians like udge Pickering. and Trent Lott. True Christians are making America better!

Well, the evil Sodom Hoosane continues to threaten our Godly country, and the America-hater, Blame-America-First, Godless communist libruls would like for us to just stop making plans to help Jesus destroy him. We know he's got them weapons, because Bush's daddy and Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld sold them to him, and he's still got the receipts! Thank goodness that True Christians are setting the record straight on the radio, and True Christian children are now being made ready to die for the church, not like those evil Mooslim children who strap bombs on themselves for Satan, and certainly not like the vile Cathylicks, who think of nothing but their Mary worship.

President Bush is ready to start a war, and we don't care what the Frogs or the Germies think! They don't matter! We True Christians are also making progress in America's schools, and showing those stupid educated librul elites just how stupid they are! We won't listen to those evil homosexurals and their calls for special rights. And we will STOP the New World Order and its Satanic Agenda!

Well, I've done got all worked up with Jesus Joy! I better get back to making my Pickled Watermelon Rinds.

In Christian Love,



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