February 2002


Surfin' the Net With Jesus!
February 2002

By Judy O'Christian

Praise GOD for our Godly Republican True Christian elected officials! They are bringing this nation back to good, solid conservative values. Truly the nation is happy that Jesus is back in charge!

Truly President Bush is watching over the nation, waiting for a chance to eliminate our enemies and bring democracy to the whole world. And our Godly Attorney General will enforce it in a fair and just manner.

I am so sick of the liberal media, laughing about the President's unfortunate run-in with that pretzel. Don't they realize our nation is in danger? We finally have a President embodying the Christian values our nation was founded upon, and the liberals just hate that fact! Our government is finally being led by people who are honest, fair, and Godly, and all the liberals can think about is tearing it apart. Liberals lack Family Values!

Soon, every American will be given the chance to get on their knees to accept Jesus. But even if they don't, the churches will still get their tax money. Glory!

And the liberals hate that. They lack common sense!

And don't even get me started on the homosexurals! True Christians are in charge now!

In Christian Love,


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