January 2003


Surfin' the Net With Jesus!
January, in the year of our LORD, 2003

By Judy O'Christian

Well, our Lord Jesus has let us live for yet another year! Praise Him! Praise Him! Get on your knees for JESUS! It's the only way to get to heaven.

2003 is here, and Praise God that Bush is in charge of our Godly nation. Truly, we are spreading good throughout all the world. Bush will use every means at his disposal to uncover the truth about September 11, and praise God that the Conservative Media is telling us the TRUTH, unlike them damn libruls! You know that you can trust conservatives because we are Godly folks, and Christians would never lie.

That evil ol' Soddom Hoo-sain is still threatening us daily, but thankfully our experienced, True Christian government officials won't let him get away with it! If the evil libruls were still in office, we'd be in trouble because all they do is lie, and conservatives are all about FREEDOM, and Justice, and The American Way, just as we always have.

Folks, Jesus is watching out for us, here in His Holy Nation, and He will make sure His folks are kept in power. True Christians will make sure of that! Our True Christian government and His church will make sure the whole world is soon on their knees for Jesus. He will punish all the libruls who attacked Trent Lott and other men of God.

In Christian Love,


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