January 2001

Surfin the 'Net With JESUS!
January 2001

By Mrs. Judy O'Christian

Praise the LORD! Jesus has let us live another year without coming back to Earth and destroying this godless planet! GLORY! He has given us yet another chance to redeem ourselves and, by golly, we True Christians® did it by overwhelmingly electing the Godly George W. Bush as our president. And praise the LORD, Bush is starting things off right! By appointing the godly John Ashcroft as Attorney General, he will bring this country to its knees for Jesus! America is truly a Christian nation! Don't be fooled by the evil liberals and homosexurals telling you otherwise!

First,  Mr. Bush will stop the dangerous influence of the evil liberals  and homosexurals.Then this country will be safe for True Christians to bring it back to righteousness!  True Christians are all about love, while liberals are all about hate! But we True Christians know what lies in store for those evil liberals! Jesus will burn them forever in Hell! Amen? AMEN! Bush will bring this nation back to the way things used to be, back before the liberals ruined everything. GLORY! And the homosexurals will be stopped! They continue to attack Dr. Laura (well, she IS an unsaved Jew, so she will be in Hell with them, but we like anyone who hates liberals and homosexurals, as God commanded), and they persecute Christians! We demand a return to Christian Family Values, and right now!

Surely Jesus is coming back soon! He rose from the dead to save us-- nobody else ever done that. Glory! And True Christians are working non-stop to help Him. And could we have elected a man with better morals than Bush? I don't think so! Bush knows that so-called "scientists" are actually working for the devil. He won't let them influence our children no more! This persecution of True Christians must stop NOW!

Bush comes from a long line of Godly men who love everyone and are truly True Christians. Praise the LORD for sending him to us. He will stop the homos from their evil agenda once and for all. Truly Bush is a brilliant man who will lead this country to greatness. (Here is an MPEG file showing him at his best -- it takes awhile to download, but every American needs to see it.)

Now that True Christians are back in power, we will fix the mess the liberals created. We will destroy the tax and spend liberals!

Well, that's about all the time I have for this month's column. Till next time, keep reading your Bibles and watch out for Satanists!

Yours In Christ Jesus,
Judy O'Christian

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